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Natural heritage systems planning is about maintaining, restoring and enhancing ecologically sustainable and resilient landscapes. It is a strategic approach to addressing biodiversity loss, land use change and the uncertainties of climate change so that we always have clean air, clean water and a rich diversity of plant and animal life to sustain present and future generations. Natural heritage systems planning seeks to engage communities and educate citizens about the many benefits that nature provides and about nature’s fundamental place in supporting social and economic health.

Natural heritage systems planning goes beyond a features-based approach to natural heritage planning. It recognizes the inadequacy of protecting a particular woodland, river, wetland or natural area in isolation. Instead, it is premised on identifying Greenways – spatially and functionally interconnected systems of core natural features, corridors and buffers – so that the benefits they provide can be restored, enhanced or protected.

Participants in this workshop will be provided with tools to assist them in undertaking natural heritage planning. The workshop will be particularly useful to municipal planners as well as other professionals interested in applying ecology and environmental management to the land use planning process. The workshop will include an introduction to Ontario Nature's Best Practices Manual for Natural Heritage Systems Planning. The session will also incorporate a discussion and case studies of biodiversity offsetting as well as other current issues, tools and practices in natural heritage planning. Interactive components will explore objectives-based approaches to environmental planning as well as effectively implementing ecological considerations into effective planning decisions.

The event will be hosted at the Nottawasaga Inn & Resort, 6015 ON-89, Alliston, ON L9R 1A4 




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Lunch is included in the workshop fee and will consist of the venue lunch buffet with 1 non-alcoholic beverage included.

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